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Academic Affairs Unit

Academic Affairs Unit of the Registry, Bowen University, Iwo deals with students, right from the period of their admission into various programmestill they are presented for graduation. The Academic Office still continues to serve the students, even after their graduation because the office will process their certificates and/or transcript of academic records as need may arise. Academic Affairs Unit is headed by a Deputy Registrar, Mr. S. A. Ilupeju, and it comprises of three (3) sections, namely:
1. Admissions Section
2. Examinations and Records Section,and
3. Senate and Committee of Provost and DeansSection.

1.1. Introduction
The Admission of students into the University commenced in July, 2002 with six hundred and thirty – six (636) students admitted into the Faculties of Agriculture, Science and Science Education and Social and Management Sciences. This was achieved through the Admissions Committee under the Chairmanship of Professor J. A. Faniran.

The University, through the Admissions section offered provisional admissions to about fifteen thousand students who were successful in the Post-UTME screening exercises conducted annually since inception, out of which more than ten thousand students have completed their course and graduated.

1.2. Philosophy / Objectives
Alladmissions are validated with JAMB. Students are admitted irrespective of race, colour, ethnic or religious beliefs in line with the University philosophy.

1.3. Functions
The functions of the Admission unit are:
• Collation of Admission Forms and verification of entry requirements.
• Coordination and organization of the conduct of entrance examinations and interview Screening Exercises.
• Compilation of Admission list as recommended by the Admissions Committee.
• Compilation of Matriculation List and issuance of matriculation number.
• Treating request for deferment of admissions.
• Treating request for change of Course.
• Processing of students admission with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).
• Services Admissions Committee.

1.4. Contact Persons / Telephone Numbers
The Admissions Section of the Registry can be contacted through the following phone numbers:

Mrs. A. O. Adelekan - Administrative Officer I, Admissions 08033495596
Mr. A. A. Aderombi - Administrative Officer I, Admissions 07082989997
MrLanreOlatunbosun - Secretary, Admissions Section 08060158996
MrYemiAdewumi - Clerical Officer, Admissions 07030099891

Official Lines - (Delani- 07085434397) and (Kunbi- 09036206970)

1.5. Achievements / Upcoming News and Events
Over the years, the Admissions section has successfully conducted thirteen admission screening exercises on a yearly bases throughout the nation and the number of the Post UTME screening venues has also increased to eleven centres nationwide.

The following are upcoming events:
• 2015 / 2016 Admissions Exercise will commence as from 2nd March, 2015.
• Electronic procedures for the purchase of Application forms for the 2015 Admissions Exercise.
• Post UTME has been slated for Saturday, 16th May, 2015
• Computer Based Test for candidates who will sit for their Post UTME in Bowen University, Iwo.

2.1. Introduction:
The Section has been in existence since the inception of the University in July, 2002. The Unit is charged with preparing results for both students and parents/guardians.

2.2. Contact Persons
Mrs. D. A. Odetola - Principal Assistant Registrar
Mr. A. O. Olawumi - Administrative Officer I
Mrs. O. M. Orodiji-Rotimi - Senior Executive Officer
Mrs. A. A. Ogunwoye - Personal Secretary II
Mr. I. M. Amoo - Senior Clerical Officer
Unit’s Contact Telephone number: (Abigael - 081-0024-7396)

2.3. Functions:
• Compilation of names of students for the NYSC mobilization exercise.
• Postage of statements of result to Parents/Guardians of all students.
• Verification of O’Level results
• Issuance and verification of Certificates
• Processing of Transcripts for students
• Services scholarship, prizes and Bursary Committee

3.1. Introduction

Senate and CPD is a section of the Academic affairs Unit of the Registry that handles all matters relating to Senate and CPD.
Senate of Bowen University held its inaugural meeting on Monday, 2nd December, 2002 under the Chairmanship of the pioneer Vice Chancellor, Professor J. K. Okedarawith eleven (11) members. As the University expanded, its membership has been broadened to reflect the emerging Faculties and Departments. Senate through various Committees and Boards has tremendously promoted moral and academic excellence. This emphasizes the importance the University attaches to the attainment of excellence imbued with Godliness in all its programmes in consonance with its vision, mission and philosophy.

3.2. Composition of Senate
The composition of Senate is as follows:
a. The Vice Chancellor - Chairman
b. The Deputy Vice Chancellor - Member
c. The University Librarian - Member
d. Provost - Member
e. Deans of Postgraduate School, Faculties, and Student Affairs- Member
f. All Professors in the University - Member
g. Heads of Academic Departments and Directors of Academic Units - Member
h. Registrar -Secretary

3.3. Functions of Senate
In accordance with the provisions of the enabling charter of the University, the general function of Senate is to organise and control the teaching, admission of students and research in the University. In particular it is the function of Senate to make for:
• The establishment, organisation and control of campuses, colleges, faculties, departments, schools, institutes and other teaching and research units of the university, and the allocation of responsibility of different branches of learning;
• The organisation and control of courses of study at the University and of the examinations held in conjunction with those courses, including the appointment of examiners, both internal and external;
• The award of degrees, and such other qualifications as may be prescribed, in connection with examinations held as aforesaid;
• The making of degrees, and such other qualifications as may be prescribed, in connection with examinations held as aforesaid;
• The establishment, organisation and control of halls of residence and similar institutions at the University;
• The supervision of the welfare of students at the University and the regulation of their conduct;
• The granting of fellowships, scholarships, prizes and similar awards in so far as the wards are within the control of the University; and
• Determining what descriptions of dress shall be academic dress for the purpose of the University, and regulating the use of academic dress.

In performing these functions effectively the University Senate constituted the following Committees saddled with different responsibilities:

3.4. Committees of Senate
• Committee of Provosts and Deans (CPD)
• Student Welfare Board
• Student Disciplinary Committee
• Library Board
• Student Work–Study and SIWES Committee
• Curriculum Committee
• Ceremonials Committee
• Central Strategic Planning Committee
• Business Committee of Senate
• Publications Committee
• ICT Management Board
• Committee on Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes
• Timetable and Space Allocation Committee
• Board of Postgraduate School
• Committee on Research and Learned Conferences Funds
• Student Admissions and Screening Committee
• Student Support Services Committee

The section assists the Registrar in servicing of the Senate, CPD, and other Committees of Senate.

3.5. Terms of Reference
The terms of reference, composition and operations of the aforementioned Committees and Boards are contained in their respective reports.

3.6. Composition of CPD
The composition of CPD is as follows:
• Provost
• Deans of Postgraduate School, Faculties and Student Affairs.

3.7. Functions of CPD
The Committee of Provost and Deans is one the Committees of Senate and its terms of reference are stated below:
• To consider matters on academic policies for the consideration of Senate, through the Vice Chancellor
• To advise the Vice Chancellor on student admissions
• To consider students’ applications for suspension of studies
• To consider any other matter referred to it by the Vice Chancellor or Senate.