Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Human Resources Unit


Bowen University, a private University owned by the Nigerian Baptist Convention, is committed to adding a distinctly moral dimension to tertiary education in Nigeria. One of the ways it achieves this goal is through the recruitment of highly competent academics, professionals, experienced administrative staff and other skilled individuals.

Human Resource (HR) Unit is one of the Units in the Registry of the University. The Unit is saddled with the responsibility of coordinating and facilitating the recruitment process, keeping staff records, processing applications for appointment, attending to all staff matters and welfare, handling recruitment procedures, renewals, processing confirmation of appointment and promotions.

The Unit services the following Committees/Panels: Appointments and Promotions Committee (A & PC) for Academic Staff, Senior Non-Teaching and Junior Staff; Staff Disciplinary Committee and other ad-hoc Panels/ Committees.

Achievement since Inception: As part of what may be considered as an achievement, the Unit has consistently been assisting the University in ensuring that due process is followed in recruitment of staff. This is evidenced in the calibre of staff in the University service. Also, the Unit ensures that prompt attention is given to staff needs, which has enhanced the healthy relationship between Management and Staff. The Unit has been running open door policy and has helped in prompt dissemination of Management decisions to members of staff. The above modest achievement has resulted in peaceful co-existence among stakeholders in the University Community.

Section in the Unit:

Academic Staff Matter Section

This section is headed by Mr. O.A. Ajayi, a Senior Assistant Registrar. The Section is responsible for handling matters relating to Academic Staff.

Non-Teaching Staff (Senior and Junior): The Section, headed by Mrs. T.O. Odunewu, an Assistant Registrar as is responsible for handling all matters concerning Non-Teaching Staff, both Senior and Junior.

Staff Training and Development Section: This section, headed by Mrs. O. A. Aleji, Admin. Officer II, is responsible for handling matters relating to staff training such as: conferences, workshops, seminars, study leave (with or without pay)

The Appointments and Promotions Committee is a joint Committee of Council and Senate saddled with the responsibilities of considering and approving all cases of appointments and promotions. The Committee is headed by the Vice-Chancellor and has two Council representatives, Principal Officers, Deans and Director of Academic Planning.

For promotion, the Committee considers all recommendations for promotion that are forwarded from the Departments/Units through the Faculties and Non- Teaching Staff Review Panels, carefully screened to ensure that all staff presented for promotion meet the required conditions and merit the promotion.


As a matter of policy, all appointments are subject to available vacancy and budgetary provision. In all cases, the University ensures that the best applicants are considered for appointment during every recruitment exercise. Specifically, Academic Staff appointment is strictly based on specified academic qualifications as they relate to available vacancies. In the case of Administrative, Technical and Professional staff, applicants are expected to be computer literate, and possess sound communication skills. Hence, recruitment procedure especially for Administrative staff includes taking applicants through computer application and aptitude test both oral and written before the best candidate is selected and appointed.

Each Administrative staff member is provided with a computer and is expected to prepare his/her reports without depending on the Secretaries/Computer operators. This has helped the University to optimally utilize its staff in the Registry and maintain a relative and manageable work force. The overhead cost in this area has also reduced by this arrangement. This has encouraged staff in the Registry to be versatile in Information and Communication Technology application and has exposed them to modern trends in University Administration.


In her bid to encourage Graduates of the Institution who have performed excellently well in their studies, the University strategically designed a scheme of reproducing itself by recruitment of Bowen Graduates into the University system with the aim of training them to take over the leadership of the institution in the nearest future. Graduates who have distinguished themselves both morally and academically and have obtained a minimum of ‘Second Class Upper’ are encouraged to apply for Teaching Assistantship into various Departments.

As Teaching Assistants, however, they are expected to obtain their Masters degree within two years of their appointment, after which, they are upgraded to the position of Assistant Lecturer. A number of graduates of the University have benefited from the scheme.


As part of the University effort to ensure that all its staff are exposed to contemporary trends and enhance their proficiency in their various disciplines, staff are sponsored for learned conferences, seminars and workshops on a regular basis . A sizeable number of Academic and Non-Teaching staff have been sponsored for such programmes both locally and internationally.

Similarly, seasoned Academic and Professionals in various disciplines both locally and internationally have been invited to give lectures on contemporary issues at the commencement of each academic session, which seminars are held regularly for members of staff and in contemporary issues in leadership, University education and other related issues.