Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Directorate of Academic Planning

The Academic Planning Unit is part of the Vice-Chancellor’s office, headed by a Director who is appointed by and responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the operations of the Unit.

The responsibilities of the Director of Academic Planning include the following:

(a) to regularly obtain and disseminate to the University, relevant policy decisions of the National Universities Commission (NUC);

(b) to ensure that the University complies with and maintains Minimum Academic Standards of the NUC;

(c) to ensure compliance with the NUC guidelines and procedures for the establishment of new degree programmes, Departments, Faculties, Colleges and Campuses;

(d) to organize a periodic review of the University Academic Brief and coordinate the publication of appropriate official academic documents.

(e) to coordinate activities involved in the accreditation of the degree programmes of the University;

(f) to liaise with the Bursar in the preparation of annual recurrent budget estimates;

(g) to produce appropriate reports on the University as demanded from time to time by the NUC;

(h) to coordinate the Teaching and Research Equipment Grant of the University;

(i) to undertake any other academic assignments by the Vice-Chancellor or Senate.


A number of University Official Publications emanate directly or indirectly from the Academic Planning Unit. Examples are as follows:

(i) The Academic Brief

This is the document with which the NUC approved the establishment of the University in 2001. It has a life-span of 10 years and it is the duty of the Academic Planning Unit to produce the second edition for the next 10 years. This has been done.

(ii) The Academic Prospectus

The Academic Prospectus is the compendium of all approved academic curricula for all degree programmes in the University. The document is produced by the Director of Academic Planning, who is also the Chairman of the Curriculum Committee. Each edition covers a five-year period. The first two editions thus covered the periods 2002-2007 and 2007-2012, respectively. The third edition (2012-2017) has already been published and in use from September 2012.

(iii) Bowen University Strategic Plan

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Bowen University Strategic Plan (2010-2015) have already been published and circulated to various universities across the country and other stakeholders.

(iv) The Annual University Academic Calendar

The University Academic Calendar is reviewed every Session by the Committee of Provosts and Deans (CPD) before final approval by Senate. It is the Academic Planning Unit that prepares the draft for the Chairman, CPD.


The following are members of staff of the Unit:

1. Dr. S. Oluwafemi - Acting Director

2. Mr. A. D. Ogunojo - Senior Academic Planning Officer

3. Mr. O. O. Fagbemi - Assistant Academic Planning Officer

4. Mrs. L. A. Opadola - Senior Clerical Officer