Wednesday, 14 November 2018


The Directorate of Information and Communications Technology provides access to computer and electronic communication systems throughout the length and breadth of Bowen University. The information aspect includes data collection, collation and retrieval while the communications aspect embraces the use of telecommunications including telephone, internet, intranet etc. The ultimate is to enhance efficiency of information retrieval and dissemination in a globalized and competitive educational sector.

Activities include:

1. Setting up and management of Digital Centres as internet backbone on campus.

2. Management of Information systems and database (MIS Unit).

3. Promotion of ICT related activities including internet access to students and staff; online registration, application and research activities; also intranet system for paperless information sharing within the University Community.

4. Media unit to provide Scanning and Printing services.

5. The University main Digital Centre houses the ICT routers/server which is the hub for distributing the network campus-wide.

Staffing: To-date, there are 22 staff members and the organization structure is presented in the following chart:



Dr. A.O. Akinwunmi, Ag Director, Information and Communications Technology

Bowen ICT team in pictures (2017)