Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Student Affairs Unit

The Student Affairs Unit of the University is an establishment under the office of the Vice Chancellor. It is primarily responsible for the general welfare of students on campus.

The office was first established as a functional entity of the University administration in the year 2003. The pioneer Dean of Student Affairs was Dr. (now Prof.) J. A. Akande who served three years from August 2003 to October, 2006.

Dr. Akande, as the Ag. Dean of Student Affairs was ably assisted by Dr (Mrs.) F. A. Aderemi as Sub-Dean Student Affairs during his tenure.

In August 2006, Dr. Ayansina, A. D. V. was appointed as the Co-ordinator of Student Affairs to understudy the then Ag. Dean and later to take full charge as the Head of the Unit in October, 2006 and later Ag. Dean from October, 2010 till 2013.

In August 2006, two other academic staff were appointed as Deputy Co-ordinators – Dr. (Mrs.) T. E. Sangoyomi, Faculty of Agriculture (Female) and Mr. Chris Igbeneghu, Faculty of Science and Science Education (Male). However, Mr. Igbeneghu having left the service of the University and was replaced with Mr. T. Atoyebi, Faculty of Social and Management Sciences.

Presently, the Ag. Dean of the Student Affairs is Dr. (Mrs.) T. E. Sangoyomi ably assisted by Dr. A. O. Oguntunji and Dr. (Mrs) Owoseni as the Deputy Deans, male and female respectively.

Presently also, there are 48 and 64 members of staff in male and female hostels respectively to ensure total compliance of students with the rules and regulations of the University especially, the students’ conducts on campus and to monitor their activities in the halls of residence.

Philosophy and Objectives

The main objective of the Student Affairs Unit is the total and general welfare of students which covers their physical, social, mental, spiritual and academic lives.

However, specific objectives of the Unit are:

i. Provision of comfortable accommodation for all students of the University.

ii. Ensuring peaceful co-existence of all students regardless of their age, tribe or social status.

iii. Encouraging students to develop physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

iv. Instilling self discipline in students;

v. Provision of counselling services to students who may have problems with their academics, emotions, relationships and all other areas of life.

vi. Assisting students to achieve their primary aims and objective of attending a university through all necessary avenues provided by the Unit.