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Sunday, 28 May 2017
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To be one of the foremost institutions for producing first rate graduates, who combine Godliness and academic excellence with a strong sense of ethical responsibility, towards the development of the society at large. 

To provide high quality, morally sound, socially relevant education in the most cost-effective manner, to all its students, irrespective of gender, race, colour, ethnicity or religion. The University will develop, promote and be run as a unique Christian Institution with the following distinctive features: Unquestionable Christian morality; Vocational and apprenticeship orientation towards the full employment of its products; A work-study programme of activities to instill work ethics and self-reliance in its products.  

The University will be a centre of learning and research of distinction, combining academic excellence with love of humanity, borne out of a God-fearing attitude in accordance with the Baptist tradition of ethical behaviour, social responsibility and democratic ethos.


The motto of the University is “Excellence and Godliness”. This emphasizes the importance the University attaches to the attainment of excellence inbued with Godliness in all its programmes and training. The motto is the principle that underpins all academic pursuits and social life in the University i.e. to produce graduates who combine excellence and Godliness with a strong sense of ethical responsibility..


 The core values of the university shall be integrity, academic excellence, professionalism and Godliness.


Nurturing Future Potentials!!

The University Management wish to use this medium to appreciate all the members of our denomination (The Nigerian Baptist Convention), staff members and our friends who have supported The Nigerian Baptist Convention Education Ministry at BOWEN UNIVERSITY through financial and moral support over the years. It is in the light of this appreciation that we wish to announce the new procedures for assessing the 10% rebate for Baptist and Staff Members’ Children.

New Procedures for assessing 10% Rebate for Baptist Members’ Biological Children:

1. The Church Pastor and the Church Secretary will, at the beginning of every academic year, forward the detailed list of all Bowen Students from their Church that they want to claim rebate for. Such information should include Parent’s Names, Names of student, Matriculation number, Course of study/Department.
2. The Schedule should be jointly signed by both the Pastor and the Church Secretary.
3. We expect that the total claim in each year would not exceed the total financial support from the Church in the previous year.
As you know, the cost of funding education, especially the University education, is quite enormous and unlike the government owned institutions that are being supported by the States/Federal Government and Tertiary Education Trust Funds (TETFUND), your University has no other sources of funding other than your contributions and school fees. Thus, we would continue to rely on your support to have a University that we will all be proud of.

Thank you.

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