Wednesday, 24 October 2018


B.Sc. Degree Programme in Anatomy


The Philosophy of the Anatomy programme is to provide a sound foundation in the study of structures and functions of the human body, critical for a good professional degree in Medicine and allied fields; and for advanced studies necessary for teaching anatomy and multidisciplinary medical research activities. Through acquisition of generic skills, the well grounded graduate of the programme can engage in other entrepreneurial activities including self employment.

(i) to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge-base and practical skills in the structural organization of the human body; in preparation for the clinical programme in medicine and allied fields;

(ii) to develop in students, practical and technical skills for advanced study through instructions on the anatomical basis of physical diagnoses and radiology;

(iii) to develop in students the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge to normal functions and dysfunctions of the body;

(iv) to provide the appropriate environment that gives students the opportunity to carryout intellectual inquiry through acquisition of relevant skills in critical thinking, creativity, independent and collaborative working skills;

(v) to develop generic skills in the students; which will be applicable for self engagement and profitable performance in other fields of endeavour including entrepreneurship.