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Faculty of Agriculture

Following the final Government approval in July 2001 for the establishment of Bowen University, the Faculty of Agriculture came into being as one of the three pioneer Faculties at the commencement of academic activities on the 4th of November, 2002.

Philosophy and Objectives

The Faculty has a mandate to train and equip graduates with the requisite academic and entrepreneurial skills that will demonstrate self-sufficiency in knowledge and self-reliance in the practice of their various careers. The Faculty is inspired by the need for new attitudes and paradigms and is therefore committed to educating a new kind of professionals in the various fields of Agriculture. The Faculty is dedicated to the production of professionals values that will enable them to integrate production with social and environmental concerns.
With a total of four academic Departments, the Faculty has a student population of approximately 325, a teaching staff strength of about 37 and 29 Supporting staff, the Faculty is well positioned to carry out its mission.
Those missions of the Faculty are as follows:
 Teaching
 Research and Development
 Project Ventures – short and long terms
 Extension/marketing services
The specific goals include the following:
 To furnish students with adequate information and practical experience needed to engage in economic agricultural production in an environment characterized by extensive rural setting and land endowment.
 To give students classroom instructions by competent lecturers in their chosen fields (subjects); laboratory instructions, field demonstration and workshop practices.
 To engage in agricultural research activities that will be development oriented and aimed at bringing up students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to be capable of undertaking independent researches.
 Emanating from the research activities and in line with Bowen University drive to be self-sustaining, the Bowen Agricultural Venture (BAV) was established to cater for business projects and endeavours that would enhance the economic sector of the University. Some of the short-term projects that have been sustained over the years include the production of:
 Fisheries – Table fish
– Fingerlings production
– Smoked fish
 Poultry – Layers
– Broilers
– Cockerels
 Crops (Seasonal vegetables)
 Woodwork and Carpentry products
 Bakery products
The activities of the Faculty has enhanced Agricultural leadership of the surrounding communities by helping them to imbibe the spirit of adventure, innovations and increased reliance on the use of modern business techniques in Agricultural production and marketing processes.

Admission Policy

The Faculty offers a 4 or 5 years degree programmes. Candidates must possess a minimum of 5 credits at ‘O’ Level including English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science/biology and any other subject as specified in different programmes.

1. Degree Programme Options

(a) B.Agric.
(i) Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
(ii) Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
(iii) Animal Science and Fisheries Management
(iv) Crop Production and Soil Management
(b) B. Forestry and Environmental Technology
(c) B.Sc. Food Science and Technology

2. Admission Requirements

(i) ‘O’ Level Subjects
The five ‘O’ Level credits to include: English Language, Mathematics, Biology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry and one of Physics, Geography or Economics.

NB: For Food Science and Technology, at least a Pass in Physics is required.

(ii) UTME Subjects:
English language, Chemistry, Biology and Physics/Mathematics

(iii) Direct Entry:

(a) NCE/ND or approved equivalent in relevant fields.
(b) At least two Advanced Level passes to include Chemistry and any one
of the following: Biology/Botany, Zoology/Agricultural Science, Economics, Physics and Geography.
(c) IJMB at acceptable grade levels.

Fast Facts

Dean of Faculty – Professor J. O. Akingbala
Teaching Staff – 37
Non-Teaching staff – 29
Undergraduate Students – 319
Postgraduate Students – 6
Degree Titles Awarded – B.Agric. Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, B. Agric. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, B.Agric. Animal Science and Fisheries Management, B.Agric. Crop Production and Soil Management, B. Forestry and Environmental Technology, B.Sc. Food Science and Technology, M.Sc. & Ph.D. in the fields of Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Crop Protection and Environmental Management.

Contact Us

Contact the following details for all your enquiries about the Faculty
Contact Address:
Dean’s office
Faculty of Agriculture
Bowen University, Iwo
Osun State, Nigeria


Dean’s Office - +234 (0) 816 931 4258


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Welcome Message

I have the pleasure to welcome you to the webpage of the Faculty of Agriculture of Bowen University (of the Nigerian Baptist Convention), Iwo.
The Faculty webpage serves as a gateway to the Faculty and the University as a whole. I humbly invite you to contact us for more information you may require about the various Programmes offered.
As an academic arm of the University, the Faculty of Agriculture is also committed to ensuring excellence and godliness in teaching and learning in the areas of Animal Science, Agricultural Economics and Extension, Crop Production, Soil and Environmental Management as well as Food Science and Technology. With our highly qualified, experienced and committed Faculty, we seek innovative ways to assist our students to embrace the requisite knowledge and skills needed for sustainable Agricultural Resource Management.

Warm regards

Professor J. O. Akingbala
Dean of Faculty