Wednesday, 14 November 2018


B.Agric. (Agricultural Economics and Farm Management) 


The programme is established to produce first rate Agricultural Economists with a broad based training in agricultural sciences. At the end of the programme its graduate will be equipped with a strong sense of ethical responsibility to provide solutions to problems of the agricultural industry. The programme is designed to equip her graduates with sound diagnostic measures, updated techniques of analysis of economic resource utilization and efficiency. In addition to development of result oriented research, the programme provides avenues for developing and broadening of the entrepreneurial horizon of graduates

The programme is expected to produce graduates who are capable of

(i) having comprehensive theoretical knowledge, practical skills and demonstration required for engaging in productive and economic agricultural production and the capacity to take up employment anywhere in Nigeria and the world at large;

(ii) possessing sufficient technical, productive and entrepreneurial skills involved in production and research in any aspect of agriculture and other related disciplines;

(iii) using the necessary skills and competence in applying economic principles to provide relevant and appropriate solutions to agricultural developmental problems;

(iv) being relevant to the modern day industry and the society and contributing effectively to national development goals in agriculture;

(v) being self employable and self reliant by putting to use the acquired skills and creating jobs.


B.Agric. (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development)



The guiding philosophy of the programme, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development is to produce first rate graduates of international rating, trained for self reliance in the practices of Agriculture as a profession with attitudes that will inspire them to be agents of positive change in the society. The programme intends to combine excellence in academics with love of humanity, borne out of a God-fearing attitude, social responsibility and democratic ethos to provide solutions to the numerous problems of the agricultural industry, and the nation at large.


The programme aims at producing graduates who are capable of

(i) applying Agricultural Extension principles and philosophy to solve the numerous problems of Agricultural and Rural Development;

(ii) having a broad-based knowledge in Agriculture which will facilitate engagement in entrepreneur agricultural ventures after graduation, thereby making the graduate a job creator;

(iii) equipping them with relevant skills and knowledge to impact positive attitudes on their social environment;

(iv) possessing ability to work in any part of the world with varying social settings and economic environment.