Wednesday, 14 November 2018


B.A. Degree Programme in Theatre Arts



Drama is an important medium for the representation of human action and social relations, as well as the projection of spiritual and philosophical ideas. As a medium for presenting human reality through entertainment, drama and theatre are important means of conserving, nurturing and generating the most cherished ideas and worldview of a society.

The Theatre Arts programme in Bowen will explore the relationship of drama, theatre and film and the new media for the advancement of the social, academic and spiritual goals of the institution and the nation.


By putting theatre arts, music arts and communication arts in a value-added relationship, the Department of Communication and Performing Arts hopes to achieve the following objectives:

(i) to inculcate in the products all the required skills and competences that would enable them to tap meaningfully into the artistic/creative, entrepreneurial/managerial, technological and philosophical dimensions of theatre arts, music, media arts and communication arts;

(ii) to provide the products the theoretical and practical base on which to build a functional understanding of the interplay of industry, culture, art and technology in the communication and performing arts;

(iii) to lay a solid foundation for the professionalism which empowers the products to generate gainful employment not only for themselves but for others;

(iv) to effectively deploy the resources of the humanities to develop the total man and thereby turn out products that will reap the benefits of a sound mind in a sound body;

(v) to prepare the products for graduate work in any area of communication and the performing arts or in any cognate discipline.