Wednesday, 24 October 2018


B.A. Degree Programme in English


The philosophy of the English programme is based on the premise that literature cannot be divorced from its primary medium, language, and that the study of literature - the most expressive and creative use of language, should not be divorced from the study of language. The study of the English language is important given the five hundred-year history of English as a language of contact, commerce, administration and education. The national aspirations for unity, intergroup understanding and tolerance and the development needs of access to information have continued to give English a central national and international role. Literature in English is one field in which Nigeria has distinguished itself internationally, and although this alone is sufficient justification for the intensive study of the literature, there are even more radical and compelling political, socio-psycholinguistic justifications in its historical, post-colonial role, which includes cultural liberation and the evolution of a modern African identity.

The main objectives of the English degree programmes are:
(i) to provide instruction for students who wish to acquire skills and enhanced competence in spoken and written English and in literary analysis;
(ii) to give students an effective understanding of English and its applications;
(iii) to equip the products of the programme with the linguistic skills that will enable them to respond effectively to the challenge of English in its African setting and cope with the requirements of the language in an increasingly global setting;
(iv) to prepare students for postgraduate studies or the teaching of language and literature in schools and colleges;
(v) to provide a good grounding in the traditions of Literature in English both in its international and in its African setting;
(vi) to train students as guides to literature and its cultural value and make significant contributions to the needs of the country in areas like communication and cultural development.