Wednesday, 14 November 2018


B.A. Degree Programme in Religious Studies


Religious Studies, an interdisciplinary discipline in the humanities, is concerned with the objective and analytical study of religious phenomena. The academic study of religion is approached as a social and cultural phenomenon, which is interwoven with almost every aspect of human life. Religion reflects the human quest for ultimate meaning, and hence it is central to the values, cultures and worldviews of peoples in all societies. A degree in Religious Studies offers the opportunity to reflect on the human quest for ultimate meaning and on the significance of religion in the contemporary world. Courses in the Department reflect the diversities in the religious traditions in the country; hence there is a strong emphasis on the comparative study of religion. Religion is therefore studied from its sociological, philosophical, political and objective theological dimensions.
The objectives of the degree programme in Religious Studies are
(i) to understand the general features of religion as a social phenomenon and to acquaint students with the main contents of the major religious traditions in Nigeria, namely: Traditional Religion, Christianity and Islam;
(ii) to develop in students critical and analytic skills that will engender the implications of religion on human society at local, national and global contexts;
(iii) to provide insights into the nature of human cultures and the role religion plays in this regard;
(iv) to appraise the historical, theological and ethical dimensions of religion in the modern world, as well as religion’s engagement with other disciplines.