Wednesday, 14 November 2018


B.Sc. Degree Programme in Biochemistry



The programme is designed to offer intensive experience in Biochemistry with emphasis on the practical aspects. It is aimed at producing high-level manpower with academic and professional skills to serve in any capacity in academics, research institutes and industries.


The objectives are to

(i) train students to fully understand the biochemical basis of life from the unicellular prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms;

(ii) train to appreciate cell-to-cell interactions and the molecular basis of these interactions. The knowledge gained will be applicable in the field of molecular biology, biochemical toxicology, genetic engineering, nutritional biochemistry, biotechnology, clinical medicine, pharmaceutical science, agricultural science, environmental and industrial carcinogenesis;

(iii) contribute to the technological advancement of this country in the areas of scientific research and in the manufacturing industries such as food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, etc;

(iv) be versatile in the use and application of modern and recent laboratory and analytical equipment. This is very important for the clinical laboratories, research institutes, government ministries and parastatals.