Wednesday, 14 November 2018


B.Sc. Degree Programme in Mass Communication



The Mass Communication programme is based on the premise that communication is fundamental to the creation of human communities and social institutions all over the world. Since communication is vital to human and national development, the programme aims at producing professionals in applied communication, broadcasting, integrated marketing communication, print journalism and print production and publishing, who would employ practical communication skills for personal, corporate and national development. The programme is further enriched with two-term monitored industrial attachments and outside campus exposure so that our graduates, who have been nurtured on Godliness and Excellence would make a difference by upholding high ethical and moral work standards in their chosen mass communication career areas.


(i) to equip students with skills and competence in the areas of emphases set out in the programme;

(ii) to train students to become professionals and communication practitioners capable of applying their communication skills across various disciplines and vocations;

(iii) to promote integrity, independence and resourcefulness among the students;

(iv) to lay the foundation for a creative and fulfilling career among the students;

(v) to produce specialists who would be creative and enterprising.