Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Post Graduate School

The Postgraduate School obtained a National Universities Commission (NUC) approval on 29th October, 2009 and commenced academic activities on 12th January, 2011.Thus far, the University has graduated Thirty M. Sc students and one Ph. D Student.
The following postgraduate programmes are available in the University:
(a) Postgraduate Diplomas
(b) Masters Degrees
(c) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The underlisted Postgraduate Programmes had been approved by NUC
Faculty of Agriculture
(i) Agricultural Economics
(ii) Animal Science
(iii) Crop Protection
(iv) Environmental Management
(v) Food Science and Technology

Faculty of Science and Science Education
(vi) Microbiology
(vii) Mathematics
(viii) Chemistry
(ix) Computer Science and Information Technology
(x) Physics
Faculty of Social and Mgt. Sciences
(xi) Accounting
(xii) Banking and Finance
(xiii) Business Administration
(xiv) Economics
(xv) Mass Communication
(xvi) Sociology


A. PHILOSOPHY: The Philosophy of the Postgraduate program is to broaden and deepen the intellectual capacity of students and strengthen their capability to face future challenges.

B. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the Postgraduate programmes include:
i) To develop the spirit of cooperation through training for intellectual development and creativity.
ii) To enable students acquire necessary professional skills and competence for future challenges.
iii) To prepare candidates for proficiency both in academic and professional jobs.
iv) To help equip the students for higher academic pursuit and position in industry.

(a) Postgraduate Diplomas
(i) An applicant for admission to a Postgraduate Diploma of the University shall be a graduate of the University or of any other university recognized by Senate with a minimum of a third class degree.
(ii) In addition, the Department may require an applicant to undergo a qualifying test as a condition for admission.
(iii) The results of such qualifying test shall be considered by the Faculty Postgraduate committee in recommending admission to the Board of Postgraduate School.

(b) Master of Science
(i) A general requirement for admission is a Bachelor’s degree obtained from the University or any other university recognized by Senate and with a grade of not less than Second Class Lower Division.
(ii) However, a candidate with less than Second Class Lower Division or a Postgraduate Diploma with a minimum of upper credit in a relevant field from a recognized university may be
considered provided he/she satisfies the Board of Postgraduate School by scoring a minimum of 55% in a qualifying examination to be administered by the Department.

(c) Doctor of Philosophy
(i) An applicant for admission to the Ph.D. degree programme shall be a graduate of Bowen University or of any other university approved by Senate who possesses a Master’s degree and a minimum weighted average score of 60%.
(ii) However, a Department may require additional conditions for admission, including an interview.

The Postgraduate school since inception in October 2009 graduated eight (8) M. Sc. students in 2012, one (1) Ph. D student and six (6) M. Sc. students in 2013 and sixteen (16) M. Sc. students in 2014.

Presently, there are about sixty (60) postgraduate students in ground while admission is still on. Aside the full time programmes, part time courses are also available in Business Administration and Human Resource Management.