Friday, 22 June 2018


Applications are invited from suitably qualified for the position of Programmer in the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) of Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State.

• Systems analysis, development and routine computer program maintenance.
• Collaborating with system analysts and developers to produce software designs.
• Developing in-house applications.
• Formulating programme specifications and basic prototypes
• Transforming Software design and specifications into high functioning code in the appropriate language.
• Debuging problems caused by hardware, operating systems software, application programme
or network failures.
• Working as a team with other employees for whom programs are being maintained or developed.
• Integrating individual software solutions to higher level systems.
• Use of web-based tools to create applications.
• Text code periodically to ensure it produces the desirable results and perform debugging when necessary.
• Performing upgrades to make software and systems more secure and efficient.
• Collaborating with technical writers to create documentation for user support.
• Conducting end-user training upon completion of software.
• Balancing workday between multiple projects and responding immediately to tech support requests from staff.
• Reporting issues and concerns directly to the Director ICT for further action.

B. Skills Required

• Ability to programme in language such as PHP,C++,Java, C#, XML, Python, HTML, CSS, Visual and basic others.
o Excellent knowledge of relational data basis and SQL
server data base.

• Excellent knowledge of output report generation.
• Experience in basic Network concepts.
• Experienced with the Windows operating system and
• Experience in developing web applications including mobile apps.

C. Qualifications
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software
Engineering, Computer Engineering/Electrical
Electronics Engineering or related field.
• Possession of related professional certificate
• Commitment to continuing education in computer Programming.

D. Aptitude
• Must be able to read and write English legibly
• Must be able to perform basic and intermediate
maths function.
• Must have an analytical mindset, critical thinking
and reasoning capability with ability to make right decisions.
• Must have ability to learn new technologies very
quickly and resolve any problems involved in integrating new technologies.
• Must be able to focus on multiple projects at once and to troubleshoot problems.
• Must be detail-oriented and excellent
concentration ability.
• Must be able to work harmoniously with fellow workers.

E. Experience

Over 2 years software development experience with clear evidence of job output that can be easily verified.


Bowen University runs a unique remuneration package, which is similar to what obtains in other tertiary institutions. The University is a fully residential institution. Consequently, it is mandatory for the staff of the University to be resident within Iwo.

Candidates are required to submit eight (8) type-written copies of their applications, Curriculum Vitae and credentials giving information in the following format:
i. Full names with surname in capitals
ii. Post desired
iii. Date of birth, town and state of origin
iv. Sex
v. Nationality
vi. Religion and denomination
vii. Current Postal Address including GSM Telephone Numbers and e-mail address
viii. Permanent Home Town address
ix. Marital status
x. Names and ages of children
xi. Institutions attended with dates
xii. Academic qualifications
xiii. Working experience
xiv. Present employment, status, salary and employer
xv. Extra Curricular Activities
xvi. Names and addresses of three referees (two of whom must be authorities in candidate’s field of study) who should forward reports directly to Registrar, Bowen University, Iwo.

All applications must reach the Registrar not later than 4 weeks from the date of this publication. The envelope containing the application should indicate at top right corner of the position applied for.

Applications are to be forwarded to:

The Registrar,
Bowen University, P.M.B. 284,
Iwo, Osun State,

Dr. K. A. Ogunleye

6th February, 2017.