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The National University Commission (NUC) approved Food Science and Technology as an option in the Faculty of Agriculture at inception under the leadership of Prof. Olumide O. Tewe as the Dean. The pioneer lecturers – Mrs Bolanle Otegbayo (now Dr (Mrs) B.O. Otegbayo) and Mr. Babatunde A. Olunlade resumed work in the Department in September 2002 respectively. Even though, students were admitted into the faculty – wide courses in November 2002, the Department registered more than twelve students as the first set in the 2002/2003 academic session. Mr Olunlade was then appointed as the first Head of the Department of Food Science and Technology on the 1st December 2002. The first substantive Head of Department was Professor J.A Akingbala (2011-2013), he is presently the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture. The current Head of Department is Dr. Bolanle Otegbayo. The programme since inception has witnessed a commendable growth in staff strength and student admission as well as the support of Bowen University Senate and Council in the provision of much needed laboratory equipment for teaching, lecturing and research.

Food Science and Technology is aimed the application of science and engineering to the evaluation, processing, utilization, diversification, packaging, distribution and storage of foods. The philosophy of the programme is to produce technologically, skilled graduates capable of working in the existing food industries, using locally available raw materials to set up food processing industries to process and make nutritious, wholesome food available to consumers.

The Food Science and Technology Department has the following objectives:
• To produce skilled technical and managerial manpower for agro-allied industries.
• To produce skilled manpower required to establish, manage and direct small, medium and large scale food processing and allied industries using available locally sources raw materials in line with institutions’ mission of producing graduates with entrepreneurial capabilities.
• To produce graduates who will be involved in consultancy services in food product development, research and development, processing and preservation.
• .To produce graduates with knowledge of design and fabrication of good processing equipment to assist in developing traditional technology.
• To produce graduate who will be able to teach Food Science and Technology and allied courses in appropriate institution of higher learning.

Staff is involved in the decision-making process and in general administration.
• Workload/Schedules are shared between members of staff at the beginning of the session and coordinated by the Head of Department.
• The following committees have been set up in the Department for effectiveness
 Examination committee leader Dr. Makinde
 Student –staff relations- leader Dr. Ajayi
 Student seminar committee- leader Dr. OLUDEMI
 Staff seminar committee –leader Dr. Afolabi
 Siwes co-coordinator Dr. Otegbayo/ Miss Oroniran
 Appointments and Promotion- Dr. Otegbayo
• Annual Food exhibition and food week where novel food products developed by student and staff from our indigenous crops are exhibited and sold to the community.
The Department also engages in bi-annual industrial visits to various Food industries to expose our students to different processing equipments, food operations and to further gear and stimulate their interest in their chosen profession.

Professional Achievements:
(a) Students

• The Department was fully accredited by National University Commission in 2005 to offer BSc (Hons) degree in Food Science and Technology.
• The Department took part in a National Essay competition by the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST) tagged “Isaac Akinrele Students’ Merit AWARD Essay in which the Department got 1st prize award. This was won by Oroniran, Oluyinka in 2007.
• In 2009, the Department won the Ist Prize award again by Obadimeji, Olufunke and
• In 2010:
(i) the Department won both the 1st prize (Akinrinde, Ibukun ) and 3rd prize
(Obadimeji, Olufunke). This makes the Department to be a winner of this national award four times (consistently in 2009 - 2011).
(ii) the Department also won another National award “The best thesis “ in
Food Science and Technology won by Abe, Mabel Olufunmilayo an award given by the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST).
(iii) Apart from being the best graduating student in Faculty of Agriculture,
Miss Oladele, Abiola from the Department of Food Science & Technology also bagged the ‘The Best Graduating Female Award.
• In 2011 the Department also won the 2nd prize (Ayomide Otenaike ) and 3rd prize (Obadimeji, Olufunke) .
• In 2013 the Department also won the 2nd prize (Oluwadolapo Ola). This makes the Department to be a winner of this national award five times (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013)
• From 2008-2012 and 2014 the Department produced the best graduating student in Faculty of Agriculture; Agwhana, Cynthia (2008), Omotola Taiwo (2009), Oladele, Biola (2010), Agbaje Ayo (2011), Mayokun Lawale (2012), Oluwayomi Grace (2014) this is a University award.
(b) Staff
• 2006-2009 Grant by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) TAG 704 Research grant for Characterization of some Nigerian yam land races in terms of their food quality in relation to their end use suitability won by a member of staff.
• 2008 till date, members of staff held various positions (Financial secretary, Secretary , zonal co-coordinator) in the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technologist (NIFST)
• 2009-2011 Dr otegbayo won the Post doctoral fellowship of African Women in Agriculture Research and Development (AWARD)
• 2011-2013 Miss Oroniran won the post fellowship of African Women in Agriculture Research and Development (AWARD) of African Women in Agriculture Research and Development (AWARD)
B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
M.Sc. Food Science and Technology

B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
Entry Requirements (5 Year Programme)

1. General Entry Requirements
Candidates must possess a minimum of 5 credits at O’ Level including English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and physics.

2. Admission Requirements

(i) O’ Level Subjects

The five O' Level credits to include: English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

(ii) UTME Subjects

English Language, Chemistry, Biology and Physics/Mathematics

(iii) Direct Entry
(b) At least two Advanced Level passes to include Chemistry and any one of the following: Biology/Physics and Mathematics.
(c) IJMB at acceptable grade levels.

Requirements for Graduation
4.1 General
Students are advised to refer to Bowen University Academic prospectus 2007 – 2012 for details of procedure for registration, matriculation and rules and regulations governing the award of Bachelor’s degree and conduct of examinations.
Summary of Departmental Graduation Requirements
(No. of credits in brackets)

As Listed Under Faculty-Wide Requirements

AGR 210(1), AGR 220(1), AGR 221(2), FST 201(3), FST 210(3), FST 213(1), FST 226(2), AGE 220(3), BLY 209(3), BCH 211(2), CHM 217(1), STA 223(2), GST 201(2), GST 216(1), GST 228(2).
Total 29 Credits

Students are advised to register for not less than 1 credit from the following courses: AGE 210(2), AES 220(2), CRP 210(3), CRP 220(2), FET 220(3), CHM 210(3) and any other relevant ones with the permission of the Head of Department.

FST 301(3), FST 310(2), FST 311(3), FST 312(2), FST 313(2), FST 314(3), FST 315(3), FST 325(3), FST 326(2), FST 328(2), FST 377(2), GST 301(1), GST 302(1).
Total 29 Credits

Students are advised to register for not less than 1 credit from the following courses: FST 321(3), FST 322(2), FST 323(3), FST 324(2), FST 327(2), AGE 310(3), CRP 311(2) and any other relevant ones with the permission of the Head of Department.

FST 411(3), FST 412(2), FST 413(2), FST 415(2), FST 416(2), FST 417(3), FST 418(2), FST 420(3), FST 480(6).
Total 25 Credits

Students are advised to register for not less than 5 credits from the following courses: FST 422(3), FST 423(3) with the permission of the Head of Department.

FST 510(2), FST 511(2), FST 518(4), FST 519(2), FST 522(2), FST 526(2), FST 527(3) FST 528(3), FST 598(2), FST 599(5).
Total 27 Credits

Students are advised to register for not less than 3 credits from the following courses: FST 514(3), FST 515(3) with the permission of the Head of Department.



Name/Qualification(s) Status  

Dr. (Mrs.) B.O. Otegbayo

i. Ph.D. Food Technology - 2004

ii. M.Sc. Food Technology - 1998 

iii. B. Sc.  Food Science and Technology -  1993

iv. (WAEC O’Level) -        1984

Reader/Head of Department

Prof. J.O. Akingbala

PhD Food Science & Technology       -1982

M.Sc. Food Science & Technology     -1979

B.Sc. Agric. Biochemistry & Nutrition -1972


Mr. B.A. Olunlade

(a) Ph.D ( Food Development/Processing) -    2014

(b) M.Sc ( Food Technology )          -   1984

(c) P.G.D (Food Technology)           -   1983

(d) B.Sc (Hons) Biochemistry          -   1979

(e) WASC                                      -   1972

Senior Lecturer

Dr. M.O. Afolabi

Ph.D.  Food Technology, 2010            - University of Ibadan

M.Sc.  Food Technology, 2005 - University of Ibadan

B.Sc. Food Science and Technology, 1985- OAU, Ile-Ife

Lecturer I

Dr. (Mrs.)  A. O. Ajayi

Ph.D.  Food Science (Food Micro & Safety), 2010 Alabama

A & M University, USA         

M.Sc.Food Science, 2007 - Alabama A & M University

B.Sc. Biology, 1986 - University of MO. Kansas City, USA

Lecturer I

Dr. F.O. Oludemi

Ph.D – Food Science & Technology, 2010.

M.Sc – Food Science & Technology, 2003.

PGD – Food Science & Technology, 1998.

B.Agric.  – Animal Nutrition ,1995.

Lecturer I

Dr. (Mrs.) F.M. Makinde

Ph.D  - Food Technology – 2013

M.Sc.-  Food Technology – 2005

B.Sc. – Food Science and Technology - 2000

Lecturer II

Mrs. W.O. Ibitoye

Ph.D.  Food Technology         (in  view)

M.Sc.  Food Technology        - 2005

B.Tech.   Food Science           - 2002

Lecturer II

Miss O.O. Oroniran

i.M. Sc Food Technology                       - 2011

ii.B. Sc Food Science and Technology    - 2007

iii.National Examination Council

    Senior School Certificate                  - 2002

iv.West African Examination Council

    Senior School Certificate                  - 2002

v.Primary School Leaving Certificate      - 1996

Assistant Lecturer

Miss O. A. Bolaji

M. Sc. Food Science and Technology     - 2012

B.Sc. Food Science and Technology       - 2007

West African School Certificate (WAEC) - 2001

Assistant Lecturer

Mrs. A. R. Tanimola

M.Sc. Food Technology                     - 2014

Professional Diploma in Education     - 2012

Nigerian Institute of Management      - 2011

B.Sc. Food Science & Technology      - 2010

Senior Secondary Certificate            - 2005

Primary School Leaving Certificate    -1999

Assistant Lecturer

Mrs. O. O. Akinwunmi

HND -  2000               

OND -  1996               

Senior Technologist

Mrs.  O. T. Lala

B.Tech. Food Science -         2004

Technologist II
*C. T. Akanbi Professor
*P. O. Atanda Lecturer I
Mr. K. O. Aramide Secretary

* Associates 

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