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DSC006451: Introduction/Background Information:

Department of Biochemistry Content.

At the inception of the University in November 2002, the Department of Biochemistry was part of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the Faculty of Science and Science Education. The Department became autonomous during 2009/2010 academic session when instructions in Biochemistry for Medical students started in the College of Health Sciences. The Department, although domiciled in the Faculty of Science and Science Education, is an integral and functional part of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences in the College of Health Sciences. The pioneering academic members of staff included Professor J. B. Fakunle the foundation Head of Department; Professor O. O. Olorunsogo; Professor E. O. Farombi, Professor T. A. Gbodi (former Director of Information and Communication Technology, Bowen University), Dr. F. K. Agboola; Dr. O. O. Babalola; Dr. (Mrs.) A. Kuku; Dr. (Mrs.) O. A. Odunola; Dr. (Mrs.) A. A. Odetola; Dr. Gbadegesin, Dr. (Mrs.) Sarah Nwozo, Dr. O. I. Oyewole, Dr. O. A. Adaramoye, Mr. E. O. Olayinka; Mrs. T. A. Adedeji; Miss A. S. Tijani; Mrs. M. O. Ogunsola (Miss Olasoko); and Mr. A. O. Ayeleso; Mrs. G. U. Egemonu (Assistant Chief Technologist) and Mrs. A. A. Olowe (Technologist II). Moreover, the under listed also contributed significantly to the development of Dr (Mrs.) R. A. Togun, Dr. E. O. Ajani; and Dr. (Mrs.) B. O. Emma-Okon. The alumni of that joined the work-force include Miss O. R. Ayepola (Mrs. Oyenihi); Mr. B.O Ajayi, Miss. E. I. Omodanisi, and Miss. A. B. Afolabi. The new members of staff include Prof. O.O. Oyedapo, Prof. Oduola Abiola, Dr. (Mrs.) B. Adeyanju and Mrs. M. A. Fategbe.
Presently, there are thirteen permanent members of staff which consists of ten academic staff, one secretarial staff, one assistant chief technologist, one chief laboratory assistant; and one laboratory assistant, in addition to Associate Lecturers.

The facilities in the department include three modern laboratories with appropriate fittings, office spaces and fairly furnished head of Department’s office.


S/No. Name Rank Academic Qualifications Areas of Specialization
1 O. O. Oyedapo Professor B. Sc., (Ife); M.Sc., (Ife); Ph.D. (Ife). (Biochemistry). Cell and Molecular Biology; Plant Biochemistry.
2 Abiola, Oduola O. Professor B. Sc. (Clin. Biochem) Sussex College, UK; M. Sc., (Chem. Pathology), Ibadan; Ph. D. (Neuroscience), Kings College, London. Chemical Pathology and Neuroscience.
3 Tijani, Abiola Stephanie (Miss). Lecturer II B. Tech. (Biochemistry); M. Tech. (Biochemistry) Minna. Molecular drug metabolizing and Xenobiochemistry.
4 Dr. (Mrs.) Adeyanju, Anne Adebukola Lecturer II B. Sc., M. Sc. (Biochemistry), Unilorin; Ph. D. (Biochemistry) Ibadan. Drug Metabolism and Toxicology.
5. Dr. (Mrs.) Oyenihi (Ayepola), Rebecca Omolola Lecturer II B. Sc. (Biochemistry) Bowen; M. Sc. (Biochemistry) Ibadan. D. Tech. (Biomedical Technology) CPUT, SA. Drug Metabolism, Toxicology, Biotechnology, Diabetes Research.
6 Olasoko, Oyinkan Margaret (Miss). Assistant Lecturer  B.Sc. (Biochemistry), Unilorin; M. Sc. (Biochemistry) Ibadan. Nutritional Biochemistry, Drug Metabolism and Toxicolgy.
7 Ajayi, Babajide Oluwaseun Assistant Lecturer B. Sc. (Biochemistry) Bowen; M. Sc. (Biochemistry) Ibadan. Drug Metabolism, Toxicology and Cancer Research.
8. Afolabi, Blessing Ariyo (Miss). Assistant Lecturer B. Sc. (Biochemistry) Bowen; M. Sc. (Biochemistry), Ibadan.

Biomembrane and Biotechnology.

9 Fategbe, M. A. Mrs. Assistant Lecturer HND (Biochemistry), Ado-Ekiti; PGD (Biochemistry) Akure; M. Tech. (Biochemistry) Akure. Toxicology and Micribial Biochemistry.
10 Omodanisi, Elizabeth (Miss). Assistant Lecturer B. Sc. (Biochemistry) Bowen; M. Sc. (Biochemistry) Ibadan. Drug Metabolism and Toxicolgy.
11 Mrs. O. J. Akindiji Personal Secretary I ND and HND: Secretarial Studies (Polytechnic Ibadan). Secretarial Duties.
12 Mrs. Egemonu, Uloma Grace Assistant Chief Technologist NISLT Diploma, Ibadan. Chemistry/Biochemistry.
13 Mr. Adeyemo, Ademola Johnson Chief Laboratory Assistant National Diploma-SLT; HND: Chemistry/Biochemistry, Minna. Chemistry/Biochemistry.
14 Taleat, Jumoke Dorcas Laboratory Assistant ND-SLT, Iree. Science Laboratory Technology.


Prof. Joseph Abayomi Professor
1 Prof. J. B. Fakunle Associate Lecturer
2 Prof. O. O. Olorunsogo Associate Lecturer
3 Prof. E. O. Farombi Associate Lecturer
4. Dr. F. K. Agboola Associate Lecturer
5. Dr. O. O. Babalola Associate Lecturer
6. Dr. (Mrs.) A. Kuku Associate Lecturer
7. Dr. B. O. Adaramoye Associate Lecturer
8. Dr. (Mrs.) B. O. Emma-Okon Associate Lecturer
9. Dr. I. O. Adewale Associate Lecturer

2. Philosophy, Vision and Objectives of the Department:


The programme is designed to offer intensive experience in Biochemistry with emphasis on both the theoretical and practical aspects of Biochemistry. Secondly, to produce high-level manpower with academic and professional skills to serve in any capacity in the higher institutions of learning, research institutes and industries.

Vision of the Department of Biochemistry:

The vision of the Department includes:
(i) To be recognized internationally as one of the canters of excellence for the training of biochemists and molecular biologists;
(ii) To produce graduates of biochemistry that are God fearing, honest, intellectually sound and well equipped with adequate knowledge in basic principles of chemistry and biochemistry;
(iii) To stimulate the interests of scientists to carry out cut edge researches in their various areas of specializations
(iv) To encourage scientists (Staff and students) to attend national and international conferences with to acquiring experiences and be exposed to modern methods and equipment;
(v) To encourage and assist staff members to collaborate with recognized and experienced scientists iin any part of the world; and
(vi) To train technical staff in contemporary and modern laboratory techniques and procedures.

The objectives are to

(i) train students to fully understand the biochemical basis of life from the unicellular prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms;

(ii) train to appreciate cell-to-cell interactions and the molecular basis of these interactions. The knowledge gained will be applicable in the field of molecular biology, biochemical toxicology, genetic engineering, nutritional biochemistry, biotechnology, clinical medicine, pharmaceutical science, agricultural science, environmental and industrial carcinogenesis;

(iii) contribute to the technological advancement of this country in the areas of scientific research and in the manufacturing industries such as food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, etc; and

O. be versatile in the use and application of modern and recent laboratory and analytical equipment. This is very important for the clinical laboratories, research institutes, government ministries and parastatals.

3. Admission Policy:

The admission policy, departmental requirements both for admission and graduation is as stated and approved by the University.

4. Achievements since Inception:

Since its inception, the Department of Biochemistry has produced a number of graduates that currently contributing their quota to the development of our country Nigeria,
Also, some of the crop of the graduates are now members of staff that studying for Ph. D. degrees in various areas of Biochemistry.

5. Upcoming news and events:

(i). the department is preparing adequately for the NUC-Accreditation of courses;
(ii). in the nearest future the department will be in a position to host scientific conferences; and
(iii).be able to start post graduate programs for the training of its staff.

O. O.Oyedapo.

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