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Atobatele Oluwatosin 2Introduction/Background 

The Department of Biological Sciences is based in the Faculty of Science and Science Education. The Faculty is one of the three foundation faculties approved in the University's Academic Brief. The first set of students formally reported for studies on the 4th of November 2002 along with others.

Although a three-degree programme structure was recognized for the department from inception, the first two sets of students (29 for the 2002/2003 session and 67 for the 2003/2004 session, respectively) were admitted directly into the department. At the end of the second year, the students were streamed by Senate approval into the three degree programmes of Microbiology, Plant Biology and Zoology. Later Senate reviewed its decision by allowing students to be admitted directly into the three degree programmes beginning from the 2004/2005 session. By the end of the 2013/2014 session there were 103 students at the 100-level, 95 at 200-level, 113 at the 300-level and 89 at the 400-level. Of the total of current 400 students there are 378 in Microbiology, 07 in Plant Biology and 15 in Zoology.

All Biology courses at 100 and 200 levels are compulsory for all students who intend to offer Microbiology, Plant Biology or Zoology degree programmes. They then branch off at the 300 level and start to offer courses mostly in any of the three programmes of their choice.  We believe that this way, any of our graduates of Microbiology, Plant Biology or Zoology has a sound background of Biology as a whole before “specializing”. This is more like it ought to be because of the common denominator of the three degree programmes. Also because of this fact, all lecturers in the department are involved in the training of any of our graduates.

The department started with one Professor and five Assistant Lecturers by November 2002.  Today there are three Professors, three Senior Lecturers, two Lecturer I, three Lecturer II, three Assistant Lecturers and two Graduate Assistants. There are also two Technologists, four Laboratory Assistants and one Secretary.

At inception, the Department operated in only one laboratory but today it has four and shares a fifth General Laboratory with Physics and Solar Energy Department. These Laboratories are reasonably equipped to cope with teaching at all levels. Some members of staff also use the facilities for their research.

Classrooms and Lecture halls are shared with other arms of the University.


The Department is conceived to produce graduates of Microbiology, Plant Biology and Zoology with a solid background who are well equipped to join a responsible, high level, manpower needs of the Nation and to confidently relate with international colleagues.

Admission Policy

Degree Programme Options

B.Sc. Microbiology; B.Sc. Plant Biology; B.Sc. Zoology

Admission Requirements

(a)O’ Level Subjects

The five O’ Level credits to include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and any one of the Physics, Further Mathematics, Geography, Foods and Nutrition.

(b)UTME Subjects

English Language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics.

(c)Direct Entry

At least two GCE “A” Level passes, IJMB/NCE/ND or approved equivalents at acceptable levels in Botany, Zoology, Biology and Chemistry.

Achievement since inception

Since inception, the Department has produced nine sets of graduates totaling 435 students (349 in Microbiology, 37 in Plant Biology and 49 in Zoology). Many of these graduates have gained admission for Postgraduate studies in highly rated Universities within and outside the country.

The Department commenced Postgraduate studies in the Microbiology Programme during the 2011/2012 academic session and has produced a total of five M.Sc. graduates. Currently, three students are pursuing their Ph.D. programme in Microbiology.

All our degree programmes are accredited both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.      

Upcoming news and events

The Department is awaiting the NUC team for re-accreditation of the Plant Biology and Zoology programmes. 

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