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The Department of English was approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) to undertake normal academic activities in 2011 of full time mode for the B.A. programme:
At the inception i.e., 2011/2012 Academic Session, 18 students were admitted for the B.A. Programme with two pioneer lecturers: Professor D. S. Izevbaye and Mrs M. B. Aiyetoro
At present, the Department is in its fourth Year with 94 students, six full-time lecturers, one, on Sabbatical appointment and one Associate.
The Department was presented for NUC Initial Accreditation in April, 2014.


The philosophy of the English programme is based on the premise that literature cannot be divorced from its primary medium, language, and that the study of literature - the most expressive and creative use of language, should not be divorced from the study of language. The study of the English language is important given the five hundred-year history of English as a language of contact, commerce, administration and education. The national aspirations for unity, intergroup understanding and tolerance and the development needs of access to information as an essential medium for the production, transmission and access to modern knowledge, have continued to give English a central national and international role.
Literature in English is one field in which Nigeria has distinguished itself internationally, and although this alone is sufficient justification for the intensive study of the literature, there are even more radical and compelling political, socio-psycholinguistic justifications in its historical, post-colonial role, which includes cultural liberation and the evolution of a modern African identity. Literature in English is studied because, as an important tool for adapting the English language for the representation of African traditions and social realities, it is a key source of cultural renewal and social regeneration. English is particularly important at this time when the quality of language use in schools and in the media is in need of improvement or enhancement.

The main objectives of the English degree programme are:
(i) to provide instruction for students who wish to acquire skills and enhanced competence in spoken and written English and in literary analysis;
(ii) To give students an effective understanding of English and its applications;
(iii) To equip the products of the programme with the linguistic skills that will enable them to respond effectively to the challenge of English in its African setting and cope with the requirements of the language in an increasingly global setting;
(iv) To prepare students for postgraduate studies or the teaching of language and literature in schools and colleges;
(v) To provide a good grounding in the traditions of Literature in English both in its international and in its African setting;
(vi) To train students as guides to literature and its cultural value and make significant contributions to the needs of the country in areas like communication and cultural development.

3.1.1 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME)
(a) All applicants are required to sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME)
(b) All applicants are to collect Bowen University Form
(c) All applicants are required to have credits at SSCE, GCE, NECO, NABTEB or approved equivalent in at least 5 subjects which must include English Language and any four other subjects as may be specified by each Faculty.
(d) The five Credits should be obtained in not more than two sittings.
(e) All applicants will be required to go through Bowen University’s Screening Exercise.

3.1.2 Direct Entry
All applicants for direct entry must satisfy any one of the following:
(a) NCE, ND or approved equivalents with at least Upper Credit in relevant fields.
(b) Two Advanced Level passes, but the College of Health Sciences requires three Advanced Level passes.
(c) The Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) or Cambridge moderated School of Basic Studies at acceptable grade levels.
(d) In addition to the NCE/ND/IJMB or two Advanced Level papers to be specified by the Faculty or Programme, candidates must also satisfy Ordinary Level requirements.
(e) All direct entry candidates are required to apply through JAMB.

3.2.1 Degree Programme Option
B.A. English

3.2.2 O’ Level subjects
The five O’ Level credits to include English Language, Literature-in-English plus at least one other Arts subject and any other subject

3.2.3 UTME Subjects
English Language, Literature-in-English and any two other Arts or Social Science subjects.

3.2.4 Direct Entry
(i) At Least two Advanced Level passes or equivalent in Literature and one other Arts subject.
(ii)IJMB/International Baccalaureate Certificate at acceptable grade levels.

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